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Hauntings: In perspective of fae flow, elemental weavings and land mass.

January 26, 2012

Before I begin, it is somewhat important that you understand something about me.  I am a unique Christian in that I have delved into various mythologies, religions, cults, and sorceries.  It is not something I share with others in depth but to understand the following writing you must understand this…I believe that all things are a mix of 5 ethereal elements.  These elements correlate to the physical world and the physical sciences in what I can only describe as a qualitative rather than quantitative fashion.  I will go into more depth in future writings but for now…enjoy a few of my thoughts.

I am not convinced that hauntings are performed by the souls of the tragically departed.  That would mean that their soul (assuming that you believe in the soul as a single unit) had not gone to the final judgement but remained here in this plane.  I do not accept that as a possibility.

I believe, therefore, after some deliberation, that the power of the events surrounding the crossover were profound enough that a “mapping” of the individuals emotional fabric at the time of passing was transferred to the local fae…not the fae flow so much as the fae anchored to the area.  This, to some extent, mirrors the individuals personality and aura…as if a taint or afterglow was left behind.  This accounts for the inability to transplant or relocate a haunting.

What does this imply in regards to oceanic disasters?  Unlike times of mass floods where an entire city is brought beneath the sea I feel that ship disasters are incapable of sustaining hauntings of this type.  Take a city that sinks…the souls identify with the architecture and the structures and thus stay…albeit in a more tattered and less defined manner as one would suspect considering the nature of water fae flow.  A shipwreck on the other hand deals with people drowning without an actual land mass being involved…therefore, any mapping has no elementally common fabric upon which to imprint.  Essentially, the energies of an air breathing creature cannot embed itself within the weave of the dissimilar element and cannot sustain itself in the altered fae environment.  At most a faint tinge of aura may be left behind like a smudge of paint, often interpreted as a feeling of being watched, but nothing on the same level as the actual paranormal activities that can be sustained when a land creature perishes in it’s own medium.


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