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A poem of love lost

February 12, 2012

As with all my poetry…I hope that it speaks to you in some way.  But do not comment upon it…these are the whisperings of a poet’s heart and should never be critiqued.  So say I, so say we all.

I see you are married now…

Frequent thoughts of you drove me to seek

What should have been left to languish

My treasured memories of our soul’s touching

Now transmogrified to a spiteful anguish.

So long have I dreamt of what might have been

Had I the wisdom to move beyond your consuming gaze

Now my yesterday is as tainted as my tomorrow

Passion altered from a sustaining to consuming blaze.

As I seek to let go my now tarnished memories

Perched as I am above a hungry and rapacious flame

My forlorn face flushes with a rush of hateful thought

As the flame’s heat is reflected in my bitter shame.

Memories struggle, seeking to be free

Just as leaves willingly die and fall

The Night reaches out and enfolds me

Hearing my silent screaming searching call.

But despite all efforts you refuse to dim

Even as the sky lets fall drops of delicate rain

Whispering solace like nearly spent tears,

In answer to a long held, treacherous pain.

Memories, my heart still perpetually pursue

As I drift aimlessly into the crying Night

Never shall I be free of the sweet pain of you

No hope has my soul for even the briefest respite.



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