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Nature as a Binary Construct vs. Man’s Desire for Ambiguity

March 12, 2012

All my life I have sought the intangible touch of Truth, that focal point around which the multiverse dances while you stay motionless, at perfect peace and Balance with creation.  On some rare and magical occasions I have sensed for the briefest atom of time the perfect Balance of nature and in those moments a terrifying Truth revealed itself to me, and it is this: Nature exists as a binary construct.  All things are a series of interwoven 0’s and 1’s, an  immensely complex fabric of polar opposites.

Carrying this to the metaphysical or spiritual or ethereal (choose the word that best suits you) I come to the inevitable conclusion that all things are “black” and “white”.  Yes, I do mean all things.  I have had this discussion with many people and each time I am amazed at humanity’s capacity to defend the “grayness” of life as a necessary and critical component of the human condition.  I tell you now, and without hesitation, that anyone who embraces ambiguity or “grayness” as a component of Truth is not only wrong but so steadfastly addicted to moral ambiguity that any discourse on the subject is doomed from the onset.  To embrace the idea of “gray areas” implies two possibilities, and only two.  Either you do not have sufficient information or ability to perceive the Truth of a situation or you are intentionally (consciously or subconsciously) avoiding the ramifications of Truth so as to allow yourself wiggle room in what Nature knows to be a black and white situation.

Consider, despite what our mathematics tell us an elementary particle is where it is with the properties it possesses at any moment in time.  Our mathematics tells us that it is actually experiencing multiple possible paths, locations, velocities, etc and that it is the act of observation that forces it into a single “existence”.  Einstein once said, “God does not play dice with the Universe”.  I don’t know that to be true…but I do know that while statistics will tell me the probability that a die will result in a specific number (a statistical approximation), each roll of that die will indeed only have one outcome.

So, before you tout the amazing and wondrous marvels of quantum physics and statistical analysis of physical systems (which I myself have studied), quiet yourself for a moment and hear what I am saying.  First, our very perceptions and awareness of our surroundings are based upon interpolations, extrapolations, and approximations.  As such it should be no surprise that the frameworks we create to assist us in our understanding are similarly architected.  There can be no doubt as to the effectiveness of our mental processes nor that of our mathematical schemas but I believe they are intrinsically flawed by the very aspect of their nature that has allowed them to achieve so much and that they will therefore fall short of true understanding.

To clarify, I am not saying that the same answer is always the right one across varying situations.  I am saying that for each unique situation there is only one correct answer.  Even if other approaches achieve the desired end, there is only one that is the fully correct one.  All others are “degrees of correctness”, which is the same as saying “degrees of wrongness”.  Continuing this line of though consider humanity.  We, as humans and fallen creatures full of imperfection, exist in that grey area I mentioned earlier.  Not because it is really a grey area but because in our arrogance we refuse to admit that even the tiniest bit of dirt means the garment is dirty, no longer pure.  Just so, the barest hint of hate, anger, lust, arrogance, self-interest, et cetera is enough to make us impure and therefore black, not white.

So you see, humanity embraces the concept of the “grey area” not because it is the Truth but because it hides us from the Truth.  This includes everything from our basest of mathematical models to explain the world around us to our interactions with each other, making undesirable behavior acceptable in various circumstances.  Most importantly it includes, and perhaps is predicated upon, our relationship with God.  Greyness and situational selectivism allow for bad decisions, bad behavior, and improper action.  It allows us to substantiate incorrect action.

Nature is a binary construct.  Only humanity, gifted with the freedom of choice by God, perceives creation in terms of ambiguity.  Not because we are the height of God’s creation but because we are fallen creatures.




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