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I Know…

February 4, 2014

I know loneliness…

     The ceaseless cold of an empty embrace

     The aching pain of wounds unhealed

     No end in sight to give strength to hope

     I refuse to succumb, my fate not yet sealed

 I know betrayal…

     Scars running so deep I feel torn in two

     Hurt and left by those I trusted to stay

     None cared to learn who I truly am

     Knowing that pain, I will not betray

I know sadness…

     I sense that all pervasive putrid pain

     Seeping into every sorrowful heart

     Silencing joy like a strangling vine

     I believe in my heart it will finally depart

I know anger…

     That boiling blackness within my soul

     A sacrifice of self on an altar of hate

     Rising to destroy all I could ever be

     I refuse to let that be my soul’s fate

 For I also know Love…

     Ephemeral wings of purest, selfless intent

     Stronger than all this world’s hate and strife

     Give flight to my dreams amidst bleakest night

     As my deepest hope is given radiant life

 For I also know You.




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