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Give chase…

February 10, 2014

Inspiration is a life of its own.  Do not seek it, simply let it be a part of your own life and it will not desert you.  It may leave for a time, but it will always return, as an old friend who wants your company as badly as you seek hers.

Give Chase…

When the winds blow bitter across your deck
Turn your prow toward the sinking sun
Give chase to your dreams as they run toward Night
All joy begins just as all dreams have begun

Give chase, I demand, to that which you desire
Capture it you must, for hope will not abate
Flee, Flee it sings as it dances toward Night
Do not cease to follow, or it will be too late

Delicate beauty alight on gossamer wings
Fly away dreams, so afraid of being caught
Careen into the perfect oblivion of Night
Fearful of birth by Man’s heart wrought

Cease not your quest beleaguered hungered man
To do so is to condemn your own straining heart
To lay to rest your soul in the bosom of Night
And ever sorrow what you allowed to depart

Do not lose sight, never give up hope
For dreams secretly dream to be held most dear
Follow and you shall embrace truest Night
Filled with Love, no longer the need to fear

Reality to mirror your innermost heart
Soul now one with the siren’s sibilant verse
Unity of your love with eternal Lady Night
Be one now with dream and living universe.

— Never give up hope for dreams out of reach.


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