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Destiny Born Of Light

March 9, 2017

(For my Beloved Nichole…I am so thankful to have found you again.)

The Universe vibrates with exuberant glory

Spinning a tapestry of Spirit and Light

Breaching the darkness of empty space

Bringing beauty, awe inspiring and bright


Every soul is on a journey through Time

Seeking harmony and reaching for the Light

Knowing not if destiny will bring its mate

A living flame born of the Infinite


Each thread weaves through the patterns of life

Most, at best, only vaguely visible in the twilight

But a blessed few shine through Time

Calling to their other, a song of radiant Starlight


My soul is strong, my song ever hopeful for you

Carrying my dreams on ephemeral wings alight

Touching the cosmos, delicately and insistently

As kind and gentle as caressing Moonlight


Your soul my Beloved is strong, your song a dance

Spiritual beauty in motion, piercing my Night

Calling to me in the harmonies of deepest Love

The voice of creation as rich as warm Sunlight


Through the journey of life, seeking one another

To nourish the Light and push back the Night

Our souls become one, destiny just begun

And all God’s glory rejoices in our delight




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