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I will attempt to share some of those random tendrils of thought that sit and rest for the barest moment within my mind before they continue their journey beyond space, beyond time, beyond me.

I am the shield wall

I Am The Shield Wall

I stand, I surround, I protect
I am the shield wall
But who shields me?

When the demons come I will be here
Between you and harm
But who protects me?

I will keep you safe I whisper
No one will harm you
But who saves me?

I will shelter you from your storms
Hold you in the darkness
But who holds me?

You lash out at the world
I will take it’s abuse
But who takes it for me?

I will shield you from others
I will heal you from yourself
But who heals me?

I stand, I surround, I protect
I was made to hold back the pain
I am the shield wall

I am dented and battered
I still stand and I will not fail you
I am the shield wall.


Alone…a moment of self pity

They call me a leprechaun

I smile and laugh

Being the butt of their jokes

So they can feel good
I hear them joke

Not bothering to hide it

How I can’t look behind 

How I can’t look up
Every day is a fight

For my self respect

I know I have value

I must…right???
Otherwise why do I wake

No one cares to know me

They care what I can do for them

Laughs, money, labor…but not love
Alone…always alone

Carry my load alone

Help others to carry theirs

But only because its right
And still they laugh

And still I hurt

And still I am alone

Always alone
The pain is with me

Physical and mental

My only companion 

Never leaving me alone 

7 Months: Revised

My heart has flown across timeless gulfs of void
Amidst the darkness, chasms of hope devoid
Never resting or knowing still repast

My joy and my life dimmed to blackest night
Till flashes of what should be rekindled my light
Memories of what was to be saved this outcast

Seeking warmth and radiant light hidden
Coming forth from my memory unbidden
For I have known You before in times past

Enduring the loss without knowing the source
Sensing your vibrant soul as it set my course
All my force turned and tuned to you unasked

Across the tapestries of rebirth my thread wove
Against chaos blistered death my thread strove
Seeking my sacred Other with hope steadfast

My heart knew you were there seeking just as I
Hoping for me as my soul for you did cry
Finding one another, one again at long last

Every darkness and every trial attack
We stand unbent and with love strike back
For we are strong, our love all trials outlast

You are an eternal flame in the void of night
Beautiful bright star of shimmering light
My true north, love and light unsurpassed

Bitter is the Fruit

Bitter is the fruit

Born of a jealous heart

Wishing for what wasn’t

Regretting what was


Eclipsing the beauty of what is

In the shadow of what isn’t

Despising patience and wisdom

Desiring the end in the now


Free the end to its own time

Release what can’t be held

Open to the beauty of now

Overshadow the lack of what isn’t


For what isn’t yet may be

If the now plants the seeds

That grow into what will be

Patience, peace, compassion, love

Destiny Born Of Light

(For my Beloved Nichole…I am so thankful to have found you again.)

The Universe vibrates with exuberant glory

Spinning a tapestry of Spirit and Light

Breaching the darkness of empty space

Bringing beauty, awe inspiring and bright


Every soul is on a journey through Time

Seeking harmony and reaching for the Light

Knowing not if destiny will bring its mate

A living flame born of the Infinite


Each thread weaves through the patterns of life

Most, at best, only vaguely visible in the twilight

But a blessed few shine through Time

Calling to their other, a song of radiant Starlight


My soul is strong, my song ever hopeful for you

Carrying my dreams on ephemeral wings alight

Touching the cosmos, delicately and insistently

As kind and gentle as caressing Moonlight


Your soul my Beloved is strong, your song a dance

Spiritual beauty in motion, piercing my Night

Calling to me in the harmonies of deepest Love

The voice of creation as rich as warm Sunlight


Through the journey of life, seeking one another

To nourish the Light and push back the Night

Our souls become one, destiny just begun

And all God’s glory rejoices in our delight



Give chase…

Inspiration is a life of its own.  Do not seek it, simply let it be a part of your own life and it will not desert you.  It may leave for a time, but it will always return, as an old friend who wants your company as badly as you seek hers.

Give Chase…

When the winds blow bitter across your deck
Turn your prow toward the sinking sun
Give chase to your dreams as they run toward Night
All joy begins just as all dreams have begun

Give chase, I demand, to that which you desire
Capture it you must, for hope will not abate
Flee, Flee it sings as it dances toward Night
Do not cease to follow, or it will be too late

Delicate beauty alight on gossamer wings
Fly away dreams, so afraid of being caught
Careen into the perfect oblivion of Night
Fearful of birth by Man’s heart wrought

Cease not your quest beleaguered hungered man
To do so is to condemn your own straining heart
To lay to rest your soul in the bosom of Night
And ever sorrow what you allowed to depart

Do not lose sight, never give up hope
For dreams secretly dream to be held most dear
Follow and you shall embrace truest Night
Filled with Love, no longer the need to fear

Reality to mirror your innermost heart
Soul now one with the siren’s sibilant verse
Unity of your love with eternal Lady Night
Be one now with dream and living universe.

— Never give up hope for dreams out of reach.

I Know…

I know loneliness…

     The ceaseless cold of an empty embrace

     The aching pain of wounds unhealed

     No end in sight to give strength to hope

     I refuse to succumb, my fate not yet sealed

 I know betrayal…

     Scars running so deep I feel torn in two

     Hurt and left by those I trusted to stay

     None cared to learn who I truly am

     Knowing that pain, I will not betray

I know sadness…

     I sense that all pervasive putrid pain

     Seeping into every sorrowful heart

     Silencing joy like a strangling vine

     I believe in my heart it will finally depart

I know anger…

     That boiling blackness within my soul

     A sacrifice of self on an altar of hate

     Rising to destroy all I could ever be

     I refuse to let that be my soul’s fate

 For I also know Love…

     Ephemeral wings of purest, selfless intent

     Stronger than all this world’s hate and strife

     Give flight to my dreams amidst bleakest night

     As my deepest hope is given radiant life

 For I also know You.